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July 17th
Good morning!
I have a question about the beautiful purple roses you delivered yesterday. Are they suitable to be planted in pots?
Thank you

_Response: _

_Yes, they will be. Nursemaid them for a little while. When you pot them I use 50/50 potting mix and mushroom compost. Helps hold more moisture. They don’t like being dry. Very important that they don’t dry out until well established and even then they don’t like being dry. Not sopping wet, but damp is good. _

Eumundi Roses

Sept 20th
Good morning!
Our roses are growing beautifully as you can see. Quick question though, I have found some yellowing leaves on one plant. Any ideas what might cause that?


It’s a bit hard to tell from the photo exactly, but is the stem looking healthy? If it’s not prune the stem back to just above the next healthy green leaf bud. They do tend to do that at this time of year. The plant is using lots of energy to produce new leaves and buds. It tends to shed anything it doesn’t want. It could be black spot. There are debates on the cause of black spot. My Dad swears it’s humidity or overhead watering. I disagree. Mine get the most black spot when they’re dry. Make sure it’s getting enough water and not too much. It’s an early sign of a plant that is stressed in some way. If it hasn’t had fertiliser, some liquid manure or seaweed solution would help. If it has had fertiliser make sure it hasn’t been given too much. I just take the affected leaves off and put them in the bin or burn them, just in case. Generally it’s water the plant is looking for most often.

Thanks for your response
The stem looks healthy ( to my untrained eye) here are more pics. I have taken the affected leaves off now. The rest of the bush looks beautiful!!
Only fertiliser I have given since we got them is the mushroom compost when we planted them with the potting mix.
Should I be giving them more fertiliser?
I can’t wait to see the purple flowers it will produce xx

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Sep 20th, 10:58am
Eumundi Roses
I would probably give them some natrakelp or seasol, or similar, liquid manure; not too strong, just follow the instructions on whatever you get. Liquid manure you can make yourself, just manure in a bucket, fill and soak with water, strain off the liquid and water down till it looks like weak tea. Use aged manure; not fresh. They look really healthy in general. I’m wondering if they got a little frosted. The one photo of one of the leaves looks like frost damage or something eaten it when the leaf was developing. Could be that. If the stem is healthy should be nothing to worry about too much. As it warms up lots of water. Ta lots, Lyn.

Thanks lyn xx
I have goats and chickens here, would you suggest either of their manure?

Sep 20th, 2:52pm
Eumundi Roses
That’s fine. Either is ok. Just make sure it’s not fresh. Burns when it’s fresh.

Thank you so much for your time and advice xx

4th October 2018
How do you combat aphids? I’m sure these weren’t here yesterday?!

They do appear overnight. ladybugs. Best of all. Go look for some in gardens or park. Bring home to your roses. They clean them up in no time. Otherwise I just squash them. Don’t like sprays because they kill the lady bugs.
Eumundi Roses

Little buggers!!!
I’ll have to go hunting

Good afternoon Lyn

My purple rose has just produced two flowers and I am bitterly disappointed. They are not purple, more of a burgundy colour. It is a beautiful rose but not what I expected, can you tell me why this may be?? I have attached two photos to show you the colour.



_I’d be keen to see more photos of your roses; the actual bush and the flower in natural light. By the two photos you’ve sent, these roses look peculiar and deformed. It may be the photos but that doesn’t look like blackberry nip at all. Please have a look at my website www.eumundiroses.com It has lots of information and photos of what to expect from this rose. It does have a relatively wide colour variance as do most roses. Hydrangeas for example are blue in acid soil and the exact same plant positively pink in alkaline soil. So many elements come together to make up the colour. The purple we achieved is sheer luck and a lot of experience; a combination of weather, nutrients, soil ph, water. I’ve shared all the secrets we have. Unfortunately we can’t control the environment the roses go into. It’s a bit like the leaves on a tree. They don’t all turn out exactly the same colour. That’s nature. Please enjoy the rose for the beauty that it is. The photo I put on facebook wasn’t for advertising. It was a rose we were so thrilled to have produced and put it there to show a bride the exact match for her groom’s tie. The rose generally is quite deep purple here, but that one was at the uppermost end of that scale. Ours during the colder months do tend more toward reddish purples. Your photo is burgundy and nothing like ours. The shape isn’t appearing to be like a hybrid tea and not neat either like blackberry nip. Does it have a really beautiful rose scent? I would find it really hard to believe we supplied the wrong bushes because all we had on board were that particular rose, but it is a very remote possibility so please send me some better photos. I really can’t tell from these. If they do prove to be the wrong breed of course we will replace them, but please know that Blackberry Nip, if that’s what they are, does have the capability in your bushes to be the dark purple the same as ours. It just takes the right ingredients in the right measure. One of the challenges of growing beautiful flowers. _

Eumundi Roses.

I purchased two of the Purple Heart roses – one for myself and one for my mother. These were collected by my mother…. personally on Wednesday 18 July 2018.

My rose is doing very well and has produced a flower!

The only thing is, the rose I thought I had purchased was supposed to be purple. I have attached a photo of it (one is with the flash on, one is without). Is this correct? Its a very pretty deep pink, but its definitely not a purple.

This was the rose I ordered (and I also ordered one for my mother …, who collected both hers and mine. Mum’s has produced 2 flowers and both are the same colour as mine, deep pink):

Did we perhaps get the wrong rose?


The colour range of this rose is quite broad. The rose is correct. I have several articles on my website referring to the colour variation in roses. They’re a bit like hydrangea which varies from blue in acid soil to pink in alkaline soil from the same plant. All of the various elements make up the colour. Your plants look extremely healthy. The purple you saw on facebook is about as purple as I have ever seen this rose. The colour is quite true to what the rose was. It’s impossible to predict the colour it will vary to but I do know the one on facebook was growing in soil at ph 5.5 (lowering pH is usually done with sulphur as advised on the packet), we had just prior to that fed the roses through the line with condies crystals and liquid manure and the weather was really hot about 37 degrees and then it dropped suddenly to daytime temperatures of about 20 degrees. About September last year. Other than that it’s all just experimenting. We grow roses for a living and work toward premium colour and health from them. It was sheer luck to achieve the colour we did. The roses you have are also capable of producing the same colour under the same set of circumstances. Hope that helps

Eumundi Roses