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01 "Blackberry Nip"

from $20.50

Type: Hybrid Tea

Brand: Somerfield

Blackberry Nip

+Nearing Sold out.
We have 1 × 90 cm standards left available for pre-order purchase for June/July 2018 delivery.

Orders will now be collected for 2019 delivery (or if any cancellations/non-payments etc a few may become available for 2018) Please contact us via email to eumundiroses1@gmail.com if you would like to be added to either of these lists.

Blackberry Nip is a hardy choice for most climates and conditions. We find it performs well in Queensland, is disease resistant, has moderate, perfect rose perfume and the most stunning colour I have ever seen starting as a deep purple turning more violet as it ages. Most don’t do that. The colour in the photo is quite real photographed in September of 2017. (Growers tips will be provided with your rose order). The rose was released in 1998 by Rob Somerfield, New Zealand and was imported to Australia. Reading the processes involved in achieving roses of excellence such as this, one has the utmost respect for these breeders.

*Item is available as pre-order for June/August 2018 delivery. No current stock. *

Rose bush supplied as a 1 to 2 year old plant in pots for collect orders or for mail orders packaged in bags. Some of these may be supplied in pots by courier/post as ordered if this can be arranged at no additional cost.

Orders are taken from September to December. The site will not permit sales once sold out). Delivery or pickup will be early June and again in July for late orders.

Thankyou so much to everyone who liked, commented and shared on this beautiful rose. I do hope you enjoy her magnificent colour and perfume as much as I do.

There is no stock available for pickup/delivery now. You will be notified once your order is ready in May/June.

Disclaimer: Purple Heart is the name given to our collection of roses we consider to be the best of the best; (Purple heart being our Eumundi Roses logo). The purple rose posted on facebook has a registered name given to it by the breeder which I have now publicly disclosed. If I revealed the name publicly then with such a huge response (over 220,000 post reached) the big growers and retailers would buy up all the stock and the smaller orders would miss out. Anywhere I can better the postage and delivery we will do and adjust later. Thankyou so much to all who have ordered.

$1 of every purchase will go to the “Thankyou for your Service” campaign helping to prevent suicide in young services personnel. Please enjoy this rose and the pleasure it gives. It has been with humble gratitude that we source and supply it to you.

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