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50 "Charles Austin"

from $15.75

Type: Rose Bush

Brand: Rose Breeder

Charles Austin varies in colour from light peach to deep apricot with multiple petal layers in a rose of strong perfume and perfect vintage rose shape. This true beauty grows in tall canes on a bush of approx. 1 to 1.5 metres with strong and healthy growth. One of David Austin’s absolute best roses in our experience.

The Purple Heart Collection represents the best of the best roses.
They must have all 5 characteristics essential of a rose of excellence.

  • stunning colour
  • perfect shape
  • beautiful perfume
  • hardy in Queensland conditions
  • last more than a day without blowing open
    These are the roses we most highly recommend for your garden based on our experiences in rose farming.

Will be adding more of my favourite varieties in coming days.

Rose bush supplied as a 1 to 2 year old plant in pots for collect orders or for mail orders packaged well in bags. Some of these may be supplied in pots by courier if this can be arranged at no additional cost. Orders are taken from September to December (until sold out; The site will not permit sales once sold out). Delivery or pickup will be late May to early June and again in July for late orders.

There is no stock available for pickup/delivery now. You will be notified once your order is ready for delivery in May/June.

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