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25 Red Pierre Climbing 2019 25 Red Pierre Climbing 2019

25 Red Pierre Climbing 2019

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Type: Climbing Roses

Brand: Meilland

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“Red Pierre” is classified as a climbing rose growing up to 3 metres, although generally it can be contained to a tall shrub. It’s large cup shaped flowers have an old-world appearance often in clusters making them even more spectacular. The colour is a deep cherry/burgundy red with pleasant fragrance. The growth is disease resistant and healthy.

Note: Roses are currently available by pre-order only

The Purple Heart Collection represents the best of the best roses.
They must have all 5 characteristics essential of a rose of excellence.

  • stunning colour
  • perfect shape
  • beautiful perfume
  • hardy in Queensland conditions
  • last more than a day without blowing open

These are the roses we most highly recommend for your garden based on our experiences in rose farming.

Rose bush supplied as 1 to 2 year old in pots or bare-root as selected. Pre-Orders are open from September to December (until sold out; Delivery or pickup will be late May to July

There is no stock available now. Notification is sent prior to delivery/collection in May/July.

NOTE: WA, NT & TAS must order bare-root as quarantine will not allow pots.

Discounts will apply at the checkout for 3 or more bushes in one order.

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