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Delivery to WA

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For Delivery of your Rose Plants To Western Australia only: *
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h4. WA must select this delivery option*+

Current Orders to WA will be honoured. However due to the complicated processes required for quarantine orders to WA, NT and TAS can no longer be viably supplied.

Below information applies only to orders already in the system.

From the drop down:* Select delivery to WA* which will also include the necessary quarantine fee.
To add to an existing order to make up to

Delivery rate is for up to 10 bushes. For more than 10 please edit the quantity of deliver to suit. Eg. 14 bushes would equal 2 as the qty needed in the checkout for delivery.

Standard roses (tall stem with rose grafted on top) will incur a quoted delivery charge. Please contact with your postcode and number of roses and we will price the delivery fee for you.

All WA orders MUST BE BARE-ROOT PLANTS. Quarantine will not allow the plants into WA any other way. Expect delivery to take approx. 6 to 12 days. Plants will be packed when dormant and packaged appropriately and do tolerate the time taken.

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