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February 2018 Valentine's Week

Order Early to avoid disappointment. Valentine’s is always a tricky time for Queensland rose growers.
It’s hot, it’s bug season, it’s weed season and it’s planting season for Mother’s Day.
We love your orders. We sell direct to the public. Our stocks this year are limited but if you order early we will be fine to complete the orders.

For florist orders please check stock. Prices will be as appear on the website. Eumundi Roses offer discounts on quantity basis only and these discounts will apply at the website checkout where applicable.

In Season Now

It’s now Mid-November 2017.

Peak Season for:


Still some protea and wax available, Babies breath is now end of season but a few stragglers coming through. The heat is seeing the last of the Queen Anne’s Lace, Snapdragons are done, Marigolds just planted. The Dahlia are sprouting back up ready for Summer flowering. The last of the Cineria Gum, now using pulverenta for silver dollar look. Lots of different seeded varieties. Many flowering at the moment.

About Roses & other flowers

I found this great article on the net with lots of interesting information about roses and many other flowers.
Includes lots of cut flower tips, which roses to buy, how many, how to make them last longer
Good information.

Valentine's Week

Friday already! Absolutely beautiful roses picked this week. Wish Valentines was this week. Looking at the buds, next week will be beautiful too. Valentine’s page is up and running. Lots of items to choose from and more to add.
Late comers will be able to visit us at the Sunday markets at Fisherman’s Road, Maroochydore and Bli Bli.
If you want to be sure drop me an email to dancebls@hotmail.com or place your order in the online shop.
As well as roses, there will be lisianthus, natives, babies breath, carnations, lillies and lots more.

Roses for Valentines Day

So Welcome to Valentines Day pre-week. Really, really busy on the farm this week so please if we forget your order, miss your email or we’re late or we suggest something in this crazy heat, please believe St Valentine made me do it!!
If it’s something you need before Valentine’s Day we’re here to help. Please feel free to remind me if you worry I might miss something or you haven’t heard from me and you should have. If it’s something that can wait till after 14th February, please don’t panic, I will contact you as soon as the rush is over.

We’re still in the process of sorting out the website, with some very valuable help from Shawn (Thankyou, thankyou, thankyou) so please be patient, it’s going to be worth the wait. If anything happens and your order won’t process through the site, it does send a message to my email. If anything adverse happens, send me an email with a copy of the order (a photograph will do the trick) and we will process it manually. Hopefully the next couple of days will see all the issues sorted out. There are more products to add and we are in the process of doing that, so if it’s not there and you need it, please ask. There is a chance we have the product or it may be available to us. If you could see the roses I picked today… Long stems …Oh.. some of these are a metre long. Just stunners. I’ll take some photos and post them later today. Meantime, Very happy pre-valentines week. Weather is supposed to cool quite a bit tomorrow… Bring that on!! Seeya.

Christmas Supplies

Tonight we’ve added to our product lists, lots of greenery specially suited to Christmas Wreaths and Christmas Table Decorations. You can also purchase and floristry supplies you may be needing to make your Christmas creations. Traditional English Holly, Spruce Pine, Camellia
and Norfolk Island pine are particularly good for Christmas work.
You’ll find lots more greenery now added to the farm fresh heading. If you don’t see what you’re after we may have it even though it isn’t appearing on the site yet.

New season flowers December 2015

Some of the gorgeous David Austin and Vintage Garden Roses, Dahlias and Alstromeria we sent out to the florists this week.
This week will see heaps more, with new season lissianthus in white, soft pink and champagne, still some in purple and cherry sorbet, lots of Chryssies, Queen Anne’s lace is back, tons of Dahlia in pink and purple, white and burgundy.
Purple Trachelium is really pretty.

Lissianthus, Dahlia and Chrysanthemums are in season

plus lots of other smaller quantity cottage flowers and greenery
all available fresh from the farm.