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Cancellation & Returns Policy

Terms & Conditions

Eumundi Roses sets the following terms & conditions for all purchases via this website.


All plants are living things and the same as an animal may just get a disease or lack of nutrient or water, poison, etc, so too can a plant. There are no guarantees on plants. We will however do our best to ensure plants are in their best possible condition and fully sun-hardened and showing no signs of sickness when they leave our premises.

Eumundi Roses takes every care throughout the season to grow, label, pack and ship your plants to arrive in the best possible condition. Shipment is at the risk of the purchaser. The purchaser will choose the delivery method and ensure every measure is taken to make that delivery easy to make.

All shipments are either personally delivered by Eumundi Roses or reputable transport companies or Australia Post. If for any reason you are not satifisfied with the condition of the plants when you receive them please contact us within 48 hours with photos and all details so that we can properly assess the situation. We are happy to refund, replace or issue a credit note where we agree fault may be established from our end.


Some plants may not be available despite best efforts to keep the website current. In this instance goods may be replaced with equivalent or better product at the discretion of Eumundi Roses. If ownership is established of the card that paid for the goods sufficient to satisfy Commonwealth bank a refund may be possible for Only goods offered for sale but found to be unavailable. The matter of refund/replacement will be discussed with the purchaser. Eumundi Roses will not refund for any part of the order that could be supplied.


Eumundi Roses will not offer cash refunds for the like of deposits paid, or goods pre-ordered without sufficient valid reason. Being short for a rental bond, moving to a new address, or a friend now to make the flowers up is not sufficient reason. Please understand that from the time the deposit or payment is made, we may have allocated product in the field to your order and told others we cannot supply or we may have externally purchased stock to make up your order. Please be sure of your purchase before making the payment. A 20% holding deposit paid is Non-Refundable. If we feel reason enough is valid we may give consideration but expect same in return.

No Cash Refunds

Due to common fraud schemes whereby stolen cards are used to order goods and then refunds demanded (which are then paid to the criminal) effectively giving the criminal cash instead of goods, Eumundi Roses is advised by Commonwealth Bank that no money refunds are to be given. All refunds will be given as a swap for goods unless proof of ownership of the card and bank account can be given sufficient to satisfy the bank and only then in extreme circumstances. Please be sure of all purchases before making the payment.

We guarantee all of our plants are true to variety and will replace or refund the original cost if this is found to be otherwise. A variation in colour within the range of the plants specified variety will be considered an acceptable variation and therefore does not constitute a refund. All plants vary in colour throughout the season with different soil elements, PH and weather for which we have no control. A leaf on a tree may be green or it may be red. That’s nature. Our plants are no different. We cannot guarantee colour or what happens to the plant after it leaves our premises. The onus is upon the purchaser to research all information for the successful life of the plant or cut flower/foliage. All claims will require the plant returned to us and or sufficient photographs to prove the claim.

Our intention is to provide quality, delivered to the customer to the best of our ability. If for any reason there is dissatisfaction we would always wish to know so that we can offer assistance and advice where it may help and to also improve our service into the future.