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Rose Bushes

Please enjoy our selection of Rose Plant varieties.

Note: Site is still adding more varieties. Please bear with us. It will probably take a couple of weeks to add them all. All orders may be added to by placing another order and in the comments section write add to previous order number … . Please don’t wait if you want a particular variety as some stocks will run out. If the postage/delivery works out differently refunds will be applied.

All of the plants offered will have been trialed for suitability to our climate in Queensland.
As a rose farm roses are given the food and care they need but not to any great extent and therefore, they must prove themselves to be hardy survivors with so many of these babies to care for.

This online shopping for roses all came about because of a little purple rose flower I posted on facebook. The response was incredible. The rose is available as 01 purple heart collection.
The collections are divided as below:

  • Purple Heart Collection: The best of the best
  • Pink Heart Collection: When second best is nearly there
  • Peach Heart Collection: Perfectly lovely but I wish

The rating given is our own rating based on how the particular roses have performed for us. In different soil types, with greater care, with other factors the ratings and results may be different.
The Purple rose on facebook I’m told is not normally so violet. The photo is real. The colour is quite true to the what the rose was. I have a few tips and hints to attach for those who buy the bushes because I have a few clues to what may have created such colour. It’s quite natural… no paint, no artificial anything. It’s a real rose. It’s not a sport. It just grows that way. I am hoping all who grow this rose and others will receive the same result.

Roses are such incredible flowers. They fascinate me with their different perfumes and shapes and colours.
Please enjoy our selection of what we consider to be the best suited to our Queensland climate.