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Weddings on a Budget

How can I get more flowers for less money

1. DIY

For Weddings DIY is a great money saver….. or is it?
You can buy the flowers and make them up yourself.
Most florists will make the flowers up from midnight till 9am the following morning to give you the best and freshest flowers for your wedding, to make sure not a blemish will show in your photos and not a petal shall fall.
If you intend doing yourself do absolutely everything else beforehand and forget the false nails. Set aside the night before the wedding or the morning of for your flowers to get the best result. Be so, so organised or have a lot of help or it will be a disaster.

2. When to order

If you order well ahead of time, you will get the previous years prices. Eumundi Roses charges 20% deposit on made up bouquets and 50% deposit on cut flowers. You’ll have plenty of time to pay off the balance. Eumundi Roses has been in business for 20 plus years and will be here for many more to come. If you leave it too late, you will get the flowers at the back of the coldroom or settle for something other than what you really wanted. Some flowers are imported and need to be ordered well ahead of time. It’s always best to give your florist and their suppliers plenty of time to make sure all of the flowers and foliage you need are brought in from the farms and overseas suppliers. It can take up to 4 weeks and when the shipment arrives it is most likely all sold to those who ordered ahead. Last minute is not the way to save money.

Don’t tell your florist it’s for a wedding

Oh.. my .. If you only knew. This is going to get you the worst flowers. If you tell your florist or flower supplier it is for a wedding they will reserve the best flowers just for you. What is the extra you pay for; It’s paperwork, consultation and service. Eumundi Roses will offer you optional consultation. The consultation is worth $70. If you supply to us our form all filled out with the order requirements and inspiration photos that is all we really need. You don’t need the consult. The flowers you look at on that day won’t be available exactly the same on the day or your wedding. It may be a different season or simply all cut and sold the week before. Best to have a concept in mind and let the florist do the rest. That can all be done with photos and our form. If you want to see what the actual flowers look like our market stall is a good option if you prefer not to pay the consult fee but please look and don’t touch unless you wish to buy the bunches. Flower petals bruise. I know they feel lovely and soft and like marshmallow and smell divine, and are totally irresistible. Smell all you want but touching is a no no.
More than happy to do the consult if you wish. This will discuss all of the items you list on your quote sheet and then the quote will be sent back to you via email.

How to communicate with your florist

Email is best for us. Send to eumundiroses1@gmail.com. We will send you back a form or you can download from our website. Fill in the form, send it back. We send it back with pricing. 20% deposit will secure the order and the order will be entered into the system. Facebook, phone calls, texts etc are more time consuming and less likely to earn bonus points with your florist.

If you want the best prices be very clear in what you want. For DIY a list of items in stem quantity, colour and length with date required and DATE of EVENT. This will ensure you get the best flowers for the day you need them. Your florist will make sure they are going to be open, but not too open. The stem length is important. Flowers with longer stems will generally cost more. Being a flower farm, there are always shorter stems available.

So hopefully this helps you plan your budget friendly wedding and gives a little insight to why you might pay a little more for Wedding flowers compared to flowers for the house. Quality and Service is what you pay for, not the florists bonus pocket money as many reports suggest it to be.

Have Fun !!