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Type: Hybrid Tea

Brand: Herbert Swim

Feminine but not ‘girly’, Duet is a popular and modern looking two-tone rose. Dark pink petals in the centre soften to a paler pink at the edges. The large blooms usually grow on a single stem but can also flower in clusters. Duet is hardy, disease-resistant, grows vigorously and flowers profusely. Duet makes a wonderful cut flower (although does open quite quickly) and is ideal for mass planting for a spectacular display. It grows to about 1 metre high.

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Comment: Pretty rose but disappointing that it has to open as quickly as it does.

From SA Rose Society page:
Duet has now been in cultivation for over 50 years, having been bred in the USA by Herbert Swim in 1960. Its name refers to the two shades of pink, with the deeper pink on the reverse side of the petals. The rich coral pink colour on the face and attractive hot pink on the reverse was a real colour breakthrough when this rose was introduced. Each flower consists of 25 to 40 petals and is around 10cm in width.
Flowers are borne mostly solitary and occasionally in small clusters on strong, straight stems. A soft tea rose fragrance is another alluring quality. It is very quick to repeat flower with regular removal of spent blooms.
Duet is a tall, vigorous, very disease resistant Hybrid Tea rose growing up to 1.5m to 2m in height and 1m to 1.5m wide. It has proven to be a popular cut flower with a long vase life. It performs extremely well producing an amazing volume of roses from its initial spring flush through summer and autumn and into early winter.
Duet thoroughly deserves the many awards it has received in rose trial grounds and it has not waned in popularity since its introduction. This rose is highly recommended.

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Potted Rose Supplied in Plastic Pot or Gro Bag. May be supplied as a recently potted dormant plant during Winter while into Spring and Summer will be well established and pos-sibly flowering. A potted rose will be settled long enough to establish that it has a good sur-vival rate. Protect from frost and keep well watered.

Bare-Root Rose will be supplied only in damp paper with sawdust, sphagnum or peat moss and as the name suggests with bare roots ready to plant and must be planted immedi-ately after soaking for 24 hours after arrival. Bare-root roses have more risk of non-survival than a potted rose and generally one would expect 80-90% survival rates.

Water well and often with no fertilisers at planting for approx. 3 weeks until established.

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