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Type: Hybrid Tea

Brand: Harkness


If you’re looking for a show-stopping rose that’s a bit out of the ordinary, Alexander is a great choice. Bursting with personality Alexander’s vivid, unfading, vermillion (red-orange), slightly ragged-edged, petals are offset by cream-yellow stamens and rich green foliage.

A multiple award winner, Alexander is disease resistant, grows well in a container and is popular as a cut flower. Full of personality, Alexander’s double blooms flower profusely in large, lightly fragrant clusters.

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Breeder Harkness
Height: Medium approx. 80cm x Spread 60cm
Foliage: Dark Green.
Flowers in large, lightly fragrant clusters of bright vermillion red. Very fragrant.

Alexander was bred in Hertfordshire in 1972 by the famous Harkness Roses (founded in 1879).

Although we know that Alexander the Great grew roses in his Cretan garden, this rose is named after another great soldier, Field Marshall Earl Alexander of Tunis.

A veteran of both World Wars, in 1940, Lord Alexander oversaw the final stages of the Allied evacuation from Dunkirk. Later, he served as commander of the 18th Army Group in Tunisia. After the war, Alexander was appointed Governor General of Canada.

With it’s striking colour, vigorous upright grown and eccentric ragged-edge petals, Alexander seems to symbolise the slightly battle-worn but victorious leader it is named for. It’s a perfect gift for someone who has triumphed over adversity, or for the warrior or Wonder Woman in your life.

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Potted Rose may be supplied as a dormant plant during Winter and recently potted while into Spring and Summer will be well-established and possibly flowering. A potted rose will be settled long enough to establish that it has a good survival rate. Protect from frost and keep well watered.

Bare-Root Rose will be supplied only in damp paper with sawdust, spaghnum or peat moss and as the name suggests with bare roots ready to plant and must be planted immediately after soaking for 24 hours after arrival. Bare-root roses have more risk of non-survival than a potted rose and generally one would expect 80-90% survival rates.

Water well and often with no fertilisers at planting for approx. 3 weeks until established.

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